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Quiz - What Uniquely Motivates You?

© Copyright Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, Authenticity Consulting, LLC.

To help you identify what motivates you, consider from among the following categories of typical motivators. Rank the categories, starting with "1" as the highest. You might have several categories that rank a "1". Don't worry about getting your ranking to be "perfect". The point is to go through the process of thinking about what motivates you. Consider discussing the results with your supervisor, friends, etc.

__ Career Development/Success
__ Caring For/Supporting Others
__ Comfort/Relaxation
__ Fun/Recreation
__ Health/Balance/Energy
__ Influence/Leadership
__ Learning/Knowledge/Discovery
__ Materials/Possessions
__ Recognition/Praise
(it's OK to seek this - in some environments you have to seek it …)
__ Security/Money/House
__ Social/Affiliation/Popularity/Acceptance
__ Status/Prestige/Stand Out/Reputation
(it's OK to seek this … some roles require some of it)
__ Task Accomplishment/Problem Solving/Achievement
__ Teaching/Guiding Others
__ Vitality/Energy
__ Others? __________________
Are there other comments you could make that would help you (and maybe others) to more clearly understand what motivates you? Please take a moment to consider this question and describe any answers below.

For the Category of Leadership:

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